When HuffPost approached me to develop an explainer series, all they had was an interview and some studio b-roll shot. From there, I dived in and established a style and tone for the series. The abstract vision for the show was to have an encyclopedia bursting open, and you’re trying to stuff all the information back inside. An episode of BETWEEN THE LINES should be bursting with information. I had to rethink how HuffPost was using studio interviews, music, Getty Images, and motion graphics. First, I made sure that the music was part of the story of the piece, instead of just something playing in the background. All of our b-roll was to be shot in a studio, using printouts and physical objects to make graphs instead of motion graphics — like pushpins, an overhead projector, or paper cutouts. The voice over and interviewees finish each others’ sentences. Stock footage or news clips are composited into in a television or phone frame. And any Getty Images used are sequences that tell their own stories, building in progression that adds context to what the interviewees are saying.

When I started the project, BETWEEN THE LINES was a small concept. When I finished, I left behind a show that was quickly turning over premium content for HuffPost on schedule. 

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