When writer/star of FEMME Corey Camperchioili approached me to direct a short comedy based on his experiences as an effeminate gay man, I immediately signed on board. The script had authenticity and heart, which is one of the first things I look for in telling a story. Carson, the protagonist in the film, is an underdog. He’s vulnerable, open, and completely empathetic. He’s the type of character you’re rooting for along the way. The film is about the universal journey we all undergo as we confront the parts of ourselves that society and our peers tell us are undesirable. We let it get under our skin and consume our thoughts, telling ourselves that we need to change who we are because we aren’t enough. But then someone unexpectedly says just the right words to shake us out of it. For Carson, that somebody is the sensational drag queen Panzy La Rue, wonderfully portrayed by Aja from RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE.

I brought my voice into the project by developing the overall look and tone of the film. The world is pink, as if you’re seeing through Carson’s eyes, highlighting the absurdity of app culture/online dating, the LGBTQ community, and New York City itself. And in front of that backdrop, Carson’s humanity shines.

Our Kickstarter campaign for FEMME reached its goal in 24 hours, and ended up raising 250% of what our target was. That enthusiastic support continued during our festival circuit. FEMME played in over 30 countries and got a distribution deal with Revry.

©2020 Alden Peters