Long before coming out of the closet, I searched for a film that showed the process of coming out. I found nothing but fiction films and YouTube videos, and nobody discussed what happened immediately after coming out. I wanted to see that entire process and hear the uncertainties along the way. Over four years later, COMING OUT is the film that I craved. 

The documentary is personal and subjective, but also includes the voices of an entire family, friends circle, and LGBTQ community. Instead of feeling like an academic social issue film, it’s fast-paced and humorous, made with a young digital audience in mind. It’s also an easily accessible resource for families of LGBTQ youth and those unfamiliar with the LGBTQ experience. 

COMING OUT truly resonated when it started making the rounds on the festival circuit. It played around the world, picking up awards along the way. After playing at NewFest, the New York LGBTQ film festival, COMING OUT was picked up for distribution by Wolfe Releasing.

©2020 Alden Peters